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Simulation AG

Modeling for Reality


Driving Simulation

Driving simulators are used for entertainment, training of driver's education, for research of human behavior or in the car industy. (Wikipedia)


Special areas include Consulting Services and database development for Basic- or Advanced Simulation Training which are:

Consulting services around the use of simulation systems and 3-D visual databases

Modification and Integration of existing Simulation systems  

Visualization Concepts for Training Simulators

Design, Specification and Realization of 3-D Visual Databases

Specification and Generation of 3D Entity or Cultural Models

Consulting services around the selection of simulation suppliers




The main competences for the IKDB Simulation AG are:

Air Traffic Control

Helicopter Simulation

Visualization of photorealistic 3D scenes and 3D objects

Visualization of scene features (animated windsock, rotating radar, controllable runway      lighting effects, etc.)

Visualization of vehicle features (landing gear, rotating wheels, etc.)

Use of realistic georeferenced feature and satelite data

Driving simulation sytems

Taktik simulation training on various simulation systems