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Driving Simulation

Driving simulators are used for entertainment, training of driver's education, for research of human behavior or in the car industy. (Wikipedia)

About IKDB Simulation AG


Since 1990 members of the IKDB Simulation AG Team are involved in building realistic and outstanding simulation environments and simulation systems .
Because of this large experience IKDB Simulation AG provides consulting services for simulation systems and the development of 3-D visual databases for training and research simulators. We offer consulting services for the complete range of simulation systems (military and civil), as well as services for the development of 3-D visual databases.
With 20 years experience at the forefront of real-time, 3D-Graphics technology IKDB Simulation AG reached an outstanding level of experience  for delivering services and visual databases.

Our policy is to deliver services and databases of exceptionally high quality.

We keep our customers at the forefront of the simulation industry to ensure a long-term growth and continuity of their products at the market.




The core competencies are as follows:

Integration of simulation systems

Ground and Flight Simulation

3D Modelling of 3D environments and 3D models